571 Piazza Drive, Mountain View


As you drive up and park in front of the house you can envision your children playing in the open space next to your new home.

As you approach the entry door, your imagination runs wild as you think about the fabulous celebration party you can host welcoming your friends and nearby neighbors to your new home.

Evening has arrived and the party is about to start as the final preparations are being made as you set out the cheese and the wine.

You hear the inviting greetings of your friends and neighbors as you open the front door to welcome them. 

Everyone’s first remarks are how spacious the main living area is as they move to gather near the kitchen which has a lavish spread of local cookies, chocolates, cheese and wine for their enjoyment.

Your guests are impressed with the four bedrooms upstairs and how each of your two children have their own private bedrooms with the fourth used as your home office.

You particularly like its location for how close it is to the NASA Ames research Center, GooglePlex, Facebook and other tech giants of Silicon Valley. 

Your children love the fact that it is within minutes of the Cinemark 16 movie theater, Levi Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers, and best of all, California’s Great America amusement park.

You especially enjoy the easy access to Highway 101 making it effortless to zoom up to San Francisco or down to San Jose at a moment’s notice for that special client meeting.

Welcome home